Saturday, 3 April 2010

Home for good behaviour!

Quick update - so far all is going well - no significant side effects and last night was my last dose of chemo - hopefully last EVER dose of chemo, assuming everything stays in check! Feeling pretty positive about that after 4 rounds over 4 months of chemo.... :)

Moreover, I have actually been allowed out of hospital for a couple of days as my white counts are still high and the Docs think it will be a few days still before the start to drop as a result of the chemo.

Therefore current plan is to go back to hospital on Tuesday morning at which point I'll spend another two weeks waiting for the counts to go down and up again!

All good so far!

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Shailesh said...

It will be over soon, and the whole Chemo experience will just be a past memory. Looking forward to seeing you dude. Get well soon.


The Dude

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