Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sprint to the finish

I came back in hospital on Tuesday morning feeling exhausted which I put down to a low haemoglobin count. However, when my blood results came back I was already seriously neutropenic - 0.3; a drop from 10 just a couple of days before. My haemoglobin and platelets were also low.

Therefore, was rushed some units of blood and have gone back into 'neutropenic' living, where I go overboard to try and avoid picking up an infection.

Yesterday was a very difficult day due to a pain in a place most people don't want to know about. The Docs tried to give some pain control but nothing worked. Happily today it is a bit better, however, am still in some constant pain during the day. Hope this doesn't last too long as yesterday was pure agony.

I also spiked a temperature last night, so the usual hospital process kicked in - blood tests, urine tests, immediate antibiotics, etc. Temperature back to normal today so hopefully beat that one just as it started. Antibiotics will continue for a while still.

White blood count is 0.2 today; I'll be a very happy man when they start to rise as this will be the beginning of the recovery.

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Russell said...

Hang in there fella and let me know when you are able to take visitors please.

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