Thursday, 26 November 2009


So I've made some decisions ....

First of all - I want to try any drugs that my consultants consider have benefits that outweigh risks. I don't like talking numbers, but the Consultant at Hillingdon commented that 45% of people in my age group (20-61 I think) survive AML for 5 years, at which point they are considered cured. This means that anything that increases this number is worth it unless the side effects increase my risk of death.

Second of all - I'll use my work health insurance and go private as (a) this is what insurance is for (b) it will guarantee me a private room, which is nice if I'm going to spend 3 months in hospital and (c) I can always move back to NHS if needed.

In terms of a hospital, I was initially very keen to stay with Hillingdon hospital as the staff and Consultants had been so good to me. However, now I have decided to go to the Royal Marsden which is both an NHS and Private hospital and is recognised to be one of the top cancer hospitals in the UK. They have accepted me which is great news and I'm due to be admitted tomorrow afternoon! I'm very eager now to get treatment started so I get through the chemo.... no point delaying and every day I am told my white blood count is increasing with bad leukemia cells!

(written retrospectively)

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