Thursday, 24 December 2009

Bone Marrow Day :-(

Had another bone marrow aspirate today. The doctors do this about a week after your counts have come back up again to check using two different measures if/how much leukemia is left in your bone marrow...... of course, even if there are no blasts showing in your peripheral blood, they can still be in the bone marrow which is the source of all blood cells.

Fortunately an aspirate is less painful than the biopsy that I had when I was first diagnosed. Well, when I say that, I really mean it is a briefer experience. It still hurts like hell. It is hard to explain the sensation, but it feels as if somebody is drilling in to your bone. Which is, to be fair, pretty much what they are doing... it is such a unique pain that the memory of it hurts more than the actual soreness after the event. Hope I forget it soon....

I won't know the results for the week so no more news really. Had some more blood tests today and my PICC line was cleaned. Now going home to sleep off the painful memory and look forward to Christmas day tomorrow!

(written retrospectively)

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