Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Shaking and Shivering...

Today was a bad day. A spot appeared under my arm and the doctors wanted to treat it with some more antibiotics so it didn't spread any infection. I had an IV infusion around 1pm and within an hour I was shaking and shivering uncontrollably.

Fortunately, I could reach the nurse call button and within about 10 minutes a nurse came in and injected me with hydrocortisol and a muscle relaxing steroid. Was breathing through an oxygen mask and trying to control my breaths as I had inadvertedly started hyperventilating. The nurse was excellent and helped calm me down and within another 5 minutes I was calm, breathing normally and no longer shaking.

All in all a very scary experience as I have never experiend a so-called infusion reaction, but fortunately the effects disappeared so quickly afterwards.

I now have a red wrist band to indicate that I have had a serious allergic reaction. oh well .....

In better news, my temperature has been back to normal for a couple of days now so looks like I beat that infection. Also, my private hope is that with all these antibiotics floating around my body, I escape having another infection until my WBCs have recovered!

By the way - white blood counts today are 0.6 so they appear to be going up already. This suggests I hit my low of 0.3 on the 13th and I am now actually in recovery. This is great news as it means that I may get home within the next week!!

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