Thursday, 18 February 2010

12kgs in 3 days! What a weight plan!

My normal weight as been around 81-83 kgs since I first started in hospital.

After this round started, my weight quicky dropped around around 77/78 kgs as I stopped eating all food.

Today my weight is 91.3kg. 91.3!!!!!!!!! OMG.

that's like 14kgs put on over the past week!

Now my understanding for this is that this because of all the IV drips I have been receiving; most of which also include saline. This includes around 2.5lit per day for TPN (their IV feeding complex); all my antibiotics, all my antivirals - virtually all my medication is IV now.....

This causes your body to bloat and I think this is contributing to the breathing problems I've been having mainly over the last couple of days. I'm finding it really hard to breathe in deeply and end up hyperventilating with short breathes. We think this is because the additional weight is pushing on the diaphragm preventing a proper breath.

Therefore I should be taking a diuretic to help get the balance back in place - wonder what my weight will be tomorrow?!

Otherwise today has been similar to yesterday....

WBCs are still at 0.1 and haven't risen yet - am really waiting for this to happen as it should kickstart the recovery of all my other bits and pieces....

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