Sunday, 28 February 2010

One week on...

One week on and I feel definite improvements! My white counts have slowly climbed to 0.9 (as of yesterday), helped on my GCSF injections - growth factor injections that stimulate the bone marrow. Now my various symptoms are reducing down.

They took my stomach line out during the week and I'm also off oxygen which is a god-send.... after a while, the mask feels part of you and it's actually a strange feeling having my own face back! They've also stopped feeding me intravenously and I am back trying to eat my own food.

This is the only real problem I have left - the food tastes disgusting! Now in the past two rounds, I really didn't mind the food, so I think it is my taste buds which have been affected by the chemo process rather than the quality of their food (although they can't cook fish to save their lives .... "when it looks like rubber .... you've overcooked it!!!").

Things I like eating now - croissants, fruit salads, tomato soup
Things I don't like eating but force down - overcooked fish, mashed potato, jelly, milk shakes

So ... all in all, feeling better and can see an end in sight. A few more days of higher WBCs and hopefully my taste will return back to normal. Hopefully the cooks will also learn how to cook fish at some point soon ..... :-)


Nixta said...

Great stuff, Ed! Great! Glad you're able to eat food again.

I'm already looking forward to the next update.

RBT said...

That is a brillint update - sounds very promising. I am really please for you.
Want me to bring you some tomato soup from Greggs in Sutton High Street, it wil be luke warmm by the time it gets there but they probably have croissants too.....

Surlytonto said...

Yay for Ed and his White counts!!!! Keep em coming my young egg head friend.... We are missing you....!!!!!

Mick said...

Well done Champ ! Keep up the excellent improvement.

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