Wednesday, 17 February 2010

MACE is badddddd.....

Sorry for not posting for so long. Have had a pretty rough ride of it. Everything I wrote about the first two rounds of chemo might as well be ripped up and started again as this round has redefined everything for me.

All the way through the previous posts, i was 'touching wood' (for want of a phrase with less dodgy connotations) that things would stay manageable. My biggest concern entering round 3 was whether I'd get a private room or not!!

Well I didn't and got a shared room as I've already mentioned, but this has been the last of my problems. After about day 2 I started getting really really bad nausea. Even though I was on hte standard anti-nausea tablets (and ones which had worked previously); they just weren't doing anything. Anything would trigger it - smells (especially any ward smells), food, thoughts. Felt like I was a speed boat that was giving me sea-sickness that would never end! This was accompanied by sickness and diorrhea any I was finding that any food I was eating was coming up (or down) by the end of the day.

Therefore I stopped ordering meals soon and was surviving just on water (which incidentally was absolutely tasting fowl).

Doctor's were saying these were all standard MACE (my chemo regime) side effects and worked initially to control the nausea. It took about 4 days for it to be right, but I now wear a bag around my shoulder which constantly injects high dose anti-nauseating drugs into me. Very trendy, I think you will find - a winner at the pub on a Friday night!

Because by this time, I had also not eaten in several days. Therfore they then put me on a food bag which injects food directly into my veins continulous throughout the day. Funny thing is it is a white infusion so you think it is just milk but apparently it's special and goes directly into your blood stream.

By now then I was getting pretty wired up again and still having reasonable frequent sickness and diarrhea so they moved me to a single room one night last week. THat was a massive step forward as with these conditions, sharing a shared bathroom was just a little too gross.

During this time, my counts were still dropping and I went neutropenic obout a week ago. I also picked up an infection around the same time and my temperature has been fluctuating between 38 and 41'C......

I also had a stomach tube put in, where they insert a smallish tube up your nose, down your throat and into your stomach. That's one of the most unpleasant experiences to date!

I've had multiple xrays and a CT scan and lots of people prodding my stomach (which always makes it feel worse). The general conclusion is that this is MACE side effects, they suck, and you just need to ride the storm .....

I now get loaded with IV delights throughout the day and night as well which is fun ... all the pills i were taken have been replaced with their IV equivalents so that they get absorbed into the blood and there's no risk that I'll just vommit them up again.

I'm rereading this post and it doesn't make a lot of sense; apologies. I am finding if very hard to concentrate on anything particularly. I'm typing so slowly - those that know my normal typing speed will be appalled. I also can't spell but probably couldn't do that when i felt normal.

Because of this it is really making the days a challenge - watching TV does nothing for me at all. I fall asleep in the middle of doing anything; even writing texts or or whatever. THe easiest thing is to lay in bed and close your eyes whilst the nurses endlessly poor IVs into you.

The only end in site is when my white count recovers. It was 0.1 then went to 0.2 for a couple of days and now has gone back 0.1; therefore have no real idea when this would be, but doctors are hoping it could be Monday where the recovery begins. I have been promised that recovery will be rapid. And this is good because I am so looking forward to the having a diet coke with ice and drinking it without later throwing up!

I will write sooner next time

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Shailesh said...

Hey Dude, The worst will be over soon. Just keep fighting. 1 diet Coke on its way :-)

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