Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Round 3!

Today I'll be going back into hospital for round 3 of chemo. As it stands, there are no single rooms available so I'll be going into a shared bay of 4 beds. I'm also not sure if I'll have internet any longer so don't know if I can email or post to this blog regularly...... if the worst comes to the worst, I'll talk to you in 3 weeks!

I'll be getting MACE + Mylotarg this round which is a collection of four drugs:

1. Amsacrine
2. Cytarabine
3. Etoposide
4. Mylotarg

The Cytarabine is delivered through an IV drip for 22 hours per day for 5 days; the others are IV pushes or quicker IV drips.

Am hoping this round goes ok, but understand the side effects may be greater because of the different drugs. Also, am still worried about some of the side effects of Mylotarg but hope I don't get too seriously affected....

I'll post an article as soon as I know what's happening!

All the best,



Shailesh said...

Hey Dude,

That for the update on where you are. Hope all goes well. Speak soon.


The Dude

Anonymous said...


I hope the next round of treatment brings results. My entire team is behind you and wish you well soon.


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