Saturday, 16 January 2010

Neutropenic again

So just a quick note to mark that I am 'neutropenic' again today. This means that I have few if any white blood cells and therefore am a defenseless creature just waiting for bacteria, viruses or fungi to attack - my white blood count is 0.8 so I'm only just neutropenic but this will drop over the following days. Haemoglobin and platelets are 8.8 and 61 respectively.

Back into paranoid mode of washing my hands with alcohol all the time and just trying to be extra-specially careful of trying not to pick up an infection. I know that it's almost inevitable that I do, but it's worth being just that little bit more careful than normal to minimise the risks.

Have a bit of back pain today; suspect it is sitting in the chair all day long rather than anything more serious. Hope this goes away by itself - don't think it's related to blood counts or the chemo.

I can, however, feel my haemoglobin being quite low - couldn't muster the energy to do my exercises today as feel out of breath quite easily. Suspect I'll have a red blood cell transfusion over the next couple of days; not sure how the timing of that will work with receiving Mylotarg, which is still scheduled for Monday.

All in all - so far so good this round (touch wood!). Let's try not to spike!!!

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