Wednesday, 20 January 2010

WBC going up?

So yesterday my white blood count rose to 1.2. Wasn't really expecting that this early, but if it goes up again today then that suggests that I've finished my neutropenic phase already and am on the mend again. That'll mean I get out of hospital soon! :) It also means that my lowest WBC point (the 'nadir' point) was 0.5 which is a bit higher than last time (0.3). Nobody seems to know whether this is significant or not.

Temperature stayed under control yesterday and over night although had some night sweats. Ultrasound of my lower stomach came back clear so no problems there either.

All in all, feeling quite strong at the moment and optimistic I may finish this round very soon!


Stuart Kennedy said...

Ed, great idea with the blog and great to hear you so positive and the results coming back positive too.

PS - I'll be walking... may even bring along junior Kennedy... he'll be 4 months by then, an 8 cliker will do him the power of good ;-)
PPS - Shailesh told me you were doing Doodle Jump, what's your top score?

Ed-Is-Fighting said...

Thanks Stuart - and thanks so much for joining the walk too! I really appreciate it.

Re doodle jump; I've only managed 15535; Aeey's high score is 24480... grrrr. What's yours?

Shailesh Chauhan said...

Dude, yeasterday was good news re blood count, hope this continues.


The Dude

Nixta said...

Great to see this blog up, Ed! And so nice to hear you (or read you) so positive and things going well.

You have made it straight to the top of my RSS list. Now I have a bona-fid reason to check it. Looking forward to more updates.

I think about you ever day, but was wary of pestering you too much over Skype. Now that I see you're doing better I will bother you more frequently.

Let's work out a way to finally get that bag to Aeey!


Shailesh said...


Wheres your blogg for today?? Hope your counts going up.

The Dude

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