Tuesday, 26 January 2010


So yesterday was bone marrow aspirate day again ..... pain, pain, pain! I've already written about this particular 'minor procedure' in a previous post so won't bore you with the details, but enough to say 'Ouch'.

Results are back on Thursday and am really hoping that they show less residual disease than last time (i.e. < 1%).

It's good to get back to normality this week - have been driving my car to visit friends and have been actively trying to go out to more restaurants and public places rather than confining myself to home.

Other than the pain in my back where the aspirate was done, I'm feeling very well at the moment; falling asleep quite a lot during the day but am feeling less and less tired as the days progress......

Next post on Thursday!

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Shailesh said...

Hey Dude,

good to see you are yourself again. Keep on eating :-)


The Dude

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