Thursday, 21 January 2010

Packing my bags and a big thank you!

So, yesterday my WBC ended up at 4-ish and today's is 5.3 so the Doctors are letting me home today :-)

This is great news as I was beginning to go stir-crazy confined to my hospital room.

I'll be out for 1-2 weeks before coming in again to start round 3 which is meant to be more intense than this round and introduces some new drugs.

I'll also have another bone marrow aspirate over the next week and then the nerve-racking wait for the results starts again ....

Moreover, now that there appears (at least according to google analytics) to be a reasonable readership of this blog, I wanted to say a huge thank you to everybody for their support, kindness and thoughts since this all began:

Thanks to my Mum, Dad and sister for my daily visits, cards and incredible strength in dealing with this. Thank you all for spoiling me rotten over Christmas and to my Mum and sister for cooking all my meals and paying such close attention to the 'what i can't eat list'!! Deb - thank you so much for my morning stars, daily cards and, of course, Project Snowflake!

Thanks to my friends and work colleagues for their emails, cards, and gifts which have kept me going and kept my spirits up. I'm, frankly, overwhelmed by your support so thank you. I still can't believe you got my an iPhone and a PSP which have become integral to my 'keeping not-bored' strategy. Plus, learning the iPhone SDK has kept my mind pretty stimulated....

Also, thank you so much to all those who organised, and are participating in, a sponsored walk round Richmond Park in early February to help raise funds for the Mylotarg treatment which I will now be getting in round 3. Again, this is beyond anything I expected and I am truly moved. I hope to still be out of hospital to watch the walk if not participate in some of it as well. You can read more about the walk at Of course, I'll be thinking of you all and hope the weather is ok!

Thanks finally to my girlfriend, Aeey, for keeping her beautiful smile throughout all of this and always telling me that everything is going to be ok. And making me actually believe it most of the time :) Love you darling!

Sorry if this sounds like an Oscar acceptance speech (well, it is the season), but want to make sure you know that the support you all have given is really appreciated and is helping me keep positive which should, itself, be helping my recovery, I hope....

I probably won't write again until the bone marrow aspirate so wish me luck with that!

Love to all,


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Rebecca said...

Wahoo, well done Ed, fantastic news that you are doing so well and they are letting you out - keep up your strength and Hopefully see you in Richmond Park.

All our love Rebecca, John and Amelie Rose

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